About Us


UpasanaAdvantage is a Bangalore-based integrated solution provider in the area of marketing services. How is UpasanaAdvantage different?

  • An integrated approach - means you deal with one vendor on turnkey basis.
  • Highly qualified (academically and professionally) team.
  • Creative agility - translates into reduced cycle times; ready for any deadlines.
  • Strategy-led creative approach.
  • A successful track record of 15 years.

Our Core Strengths

  • Strategic relevance: We believe any piece of communication must in the first place be right on strategy. Because even the most creative ad is ineffective when it is not right in its fundamentals.
  • Creatively sensitive: We understand the target market better, and go deeper to bring in freshness in communication (thought is the difference)
  • Ensuring results (most advertisements are created with some specific goals such as increasing mind share, lead generation etc). We focus on ensuring desired result.